Boost Your Company Culture With Art

We Help Companies Inspire Their Teams and Connect Over Art

At Artichoke Art we believe that creativity is the new productivity.

We are passionate about helping companies tap into their creative resources.

We are on a mission to inspire creativity and innovation at work while supporting our local art community.

What We Do

Pop-Up Art Galleries at Work

We curate, install and rotate art galleries featuring the work of emerging, local artists

Original artwork not only elevates your office space, but creates an inspiring environment where people connect over art

Turn your office into an art gallery!

Creativity Activation Workshops

Our workshops are specially designed to tap into the creative side of the brain. We use design thinking principles coupled with art techniques to encourage out-of-the-box thinking

Creative corporate culture drives innovation and increases productivity. It also has a positive effect on employee mental health and engagement

Tap Into Your Creative Resources

Get Creative

Tips, resources, articles on staying creative at work and beyond!

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