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  • Art as Therapy: The Mental Health Benefits of Creativity

    1. What is art therapy?  Art therapy is a combination of psychotherapy and creativity. The guided creative process, as well as the end product, ca...
  • Be Original! Buy Original!

    We might as well get into it... What is art?  I have spent the last 15 years of my life studying it (yikes). I was so obsessed with this fu...
  • The Gallery Experiment

    Since starting Artichoke Art I have learned a lot about consumer behaviour and motivation when it comes to looking at and buying original artwork...
  • Creativity is the New Productivity

    There are countless lists and articles out there outlining the essential skills you need to succeed in the workplace of the future. Creativity is often at the top of that list, yet it can be an illusive skill that most people associate with artists, designers and other ‘creatives’. The fact is that humans are innately creative regardless of the field they are in and tapping into that creativity is more a science than an art. Here are some tips on harnessing the power of creativity at work.

  • Everyone is Creative

    What is creativity? For many, the word itself summons images of artists in front of canvases, musicians composing notes and other lone geniuses mysteriously creating. It is also often associated with concepts like talent and being gifted. How many times have you heard people self-identify as not having a single creative bone in their body?
  • The Art of Buying Art

    So you moved into a new place, bought all the furniture and now you are looking at those blank walls. You know something is missing but the idea o...
  • Art at Work

    "Hanging the right artwork in your workspace can speak volumes about your company culture."
  • 5 Reasons to Ditch Mass-Produced Prints and Buy Original Art

    "Oh interesting...which Ikea did you buy your skyline print from?"~ Said no one ever. I always thought mass-produced prints or as I like to cal...