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At Artichoke Art we are on a mission to support local artists by creating unique opportunities for them to sell their work and reach new audiences.

Our Services

Artichoke Art is a one stop shop for creativity at work. We offer a unique art subscription services for businesses where we curate, hang and install work by local artists.

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What is Artichoke Art

Artichoke Art is a Toronto based company. Our goal is to provide artists with better opportunities to sell their work and grow their art practice by facilitating access to motivated buyers.

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How We Work

We curate, install and rotate artwork in high profile offices and lobbies across the city. All the artwork we display is for sale and can be purchased directly through our online store.

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Pop-Up Gallery

We curate, install and rotate gallery walls featuring the work of local artists. Your clients spend the majority of their time at work. Instead of trying to get them to attend your shows and hoping for a sale we decided we are going to bring the artwork to them!


Creativity Activation Sessions

We have a unique take on creativity. Our art sessions are template free, engaging and designed to tap into the creative side of the brain. We use design thinking principles coupled with art techniques to encourage out of the box thinking. If you love teaching and sharing your craft with complete beginners we would love to hear from you.

We are on a mission to support our local artists by providing them with unique opportunities to sell their work and reach new clients.

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