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Connect with local customers and businesses


Artichoke connects local artists with local customers and businesses.

By sourcing art from you, we are building Toronto's first online marketplace for local, original art.

What We Stand For

We are passionate about providing artists with a more effective platform for selling their work. We know the frustration fo trying to sell your work on large, international marketplaces.

We believe in supporting local art communities and providing real connections for our artists and customers.

Our Story

"Artichoke was born out of the frustration of an artist (not to be underestimated).

As an artist, trying to make a living from my work, I was frustrated at how easily my work got lost on the huge online marketplaces out there. I also knew that there were many equally frustrated customers out there who wanted to shop for original art and support their local art community but were also feeling overwhelmed with the large marketplaces.

I envisioned an inclusive, high-touch, friendly and non-intimidating experience, because I believe everyone should have art in their lives.

Artichoke was created as a way to connect artists and customers by providing a truly personalized platform that guides you through everything you need to know in order to find the perfect piece."

~Diliana (Founder or Artichoke)

How It Works

Joining Us Is Simple

Send us a selection of your work (5-10 pieces). Our curators will review your work and get back to you with next steps. There are no monthly fees or upload fees. We only get paid when you do. It's that simple.

Why Work With Us

Fair, Transparent and Easy

At Artichoke we know making a living as an artist is hard. That is why we have a low commission rate as compared to the 50% that most galleries charge.

Get Featured

By featuring our artists regularly on our site and social media channels we ensure that your story is told and that your passion for your work is front and centre.

Passionate Team

Our team is made of artists, who know eveything about the process and struggle of being creative. We truly understand your needs and perspective.

Reach New Audiences

Most online art marketplaces target a single audience group. By engaging businesses, real estate professionals and interior designers we make sure your work gets seen by a variety of potential customers.

Jamie Mace

"To me Artichoke is a great new opportunity for my work"
-Jamie G.

Kee Ip


Does Artichoke take any commission?
Yes. Artichoke takes a 30% commission on every sale that goes through the platform. For example if you sell a painting for $1000 you (the artist) keep $700.

What happens when I sell a piece?
Once a piece is sold you will immediately receive an email and will have 5 business days to pack the piece and ship it to the customer.

Who pays for shipping?
All shipping costs are covered by the customer.

How do I get paid?
We pay artists monthly. Any profits that are in your account will be transferred to your bank account or a cheque will be issued, depending on your preference. You will always get paid on the same date each month.

What if a work sells outside the platform?
If you sell a piece that we currently have in our inventory, all you need to do is let us know as soon as the sale happens so that we don't accidentally sell a piece twice.

Do you facilitate commissions?
Yes! Each artist will be asked if they accept commissions when they join Artichoke.

Do I need to be a professional, full-time artist to join?
Absolutely not. We accept submissions from everyone who makes art. Whether your studio is in your kitchen or your university classroom - we encourage artists in all stage of their creative careers to apply.

What kind of art do you accept?
We are currently accepting paintings, drawings, limited edition original prints, photography, mixed media, and small sculptural objects or hangings.

Terms & Conditions

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