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Quality Artwork

All of our artists are vetted and we pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of quality.


Local Reach

Our customers have spoken and want to invest in local artists but don't want to go to galleries. We are bringing the galleries to them.

Art at Work

We curate, install and rotate artwork in offices and commercial buildings & offices.

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Our Mission

We are passionate about local art and excited to share it's transformative power with everyone.

People spend the vast majority of their day at work and they deserve an inspiring and stimulating environment that will allow them to thrive no matter what role they are in.

We created Artichoke in order to make it easy for companies and individuals to connect to and enjoy local art and creativity.

Our Vision

We want to change the scene.

We are building a world where people have more direct and casual access to local artists and their work. We want to support our art community by making it easy, non-intimidating and dare we say fun to connect, learn and bring some creativity and beauty into your life.

Knowing that most people find it intimidating to visit art galleries, we envisioned art galleries not as separate dedicated spaces but as part of our daily lives- as you are walking to lunch or stopping by to visit a colleague.

We also know that artists struggle to get their work out there because they are given very traditional and prescribed venues where they can showcase their art. Often you have to pay admission, attend a short and hectic event or from the artist's perspective pay crazy fees and commissions to participate.

Who we Are

Artichoke today is a small female-led company that started in Toronto in 2018. We incubated as part of the Founder Institute in Toronto after which we entered the Ryerson DMZ where we launched with support from Toronto's tech ecosystem.

We are also artists, mothers, dreamers and badass business women.

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