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Michael Toole


Tell us a bit about yourself

I learned about photography from my father and started taking it seriously at about age 11. My mother always was making some form of art so I was always around the means to make art but photography resonated with me and I wanted to make my pictures different - to stand out. Over the years art has taken me all over the world and I have been privileged to show my work internationally. I am always looking at new methods to create new work in my own distinctive style. 
What inspires you?
I am inspired by nature and the force of nature. It can be very destructive but also very creative and the effects of both sides are very inspiring.
The method behind the madness
I experiment with all medium with respect to how my images are presented. I have printed work on just about anything - glass, plywood, steel, aluminum. I have coated images with resin, painted on them and coated them with encaustic. I use Photoshop extensively. Usually I have an idea about an image and how I want it too look and then I figure out how to create it. 
We'd love to get to know a bit more about you
I love music and almost mad it my career but the need to make ends meet led me to a career working in prison for 28 years. I am now retired, a full time artist and I still play music and perform occasionally. 
Tell us a story
My parents were my mentors in many ways and they were more excited by my first sales than I was, as I was not particularly pleased with the first pieces I sold. About 15 years ago I created a piece that I absolutely loved. It came out exactly like I envisioned it and it sold quickly and one of my now longtime collectors was the first to purchase it.