"Arlington: Behind the Unknown #4B" Acrylic Painted Wood Panel with Resin

"Arlington: Behind the Unknown #4B" Acrylic Painted Wood Panel with Resin

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"Arlington: Behind the Unknown #4B" 

18" x 24" x 1.5"

Medium: Acrylic Painted Wood Panel with Resin

Artist: Sonja

Tell us a bit about yourself
I've been making art all my life. I studied privately in Traditional Chinese Painting and Western Art painting at younger years in Hong Kong, and I later disciplined in Sign Graphics Design and Production, and eventually in Supply Chain & Logistic Management. I worked in the commercial art industry for over a decade, and my life journey has taken me to a crossroad to choose again for myself, to do what I love to do for myself. And here I am, going wherever it's leading me.
What inspires you?
Life - the impermanence of it, and the uncommon qualities among and within the common living world.
The method behind the madness
Method behind the madness... is to find the beauty in life, see it as if it's my last glimpse, and capture it with all I might with my trusted camera. By embodying my 2D photographic work into a piece of archival prepared and acrylic painted wood, and finally encapsulate the entire piece with resin, I have transformed the work into a 3D piece, where my image is not framed behind glass but stands freely where it is bound.
We'd love to get to know a bit more about you
When I am not creating art, I would be in my caregiver cap to care for my mother who has alzheimer, or I would be in my coverall to rebuild old cars, learning the finesse of metal fabrications.
Tell us a story
My late mentor encouraged me to create art as much as I could, learn different artistic disciplines as much as I can, and manifest / develop them into my own, and above all, I must create because I want to.