"City Abstraction 58" Acrylic
"City Abstraction 58" Acrylic

"City Abstraction 58" Acrylic

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"City Abstraction 58"

36" x 48"

Medium: Acrylic

Artist: Carmela Casuccio

Tell us a bit about yourself
I discovered my artistic talent as an adult. Over the years, I have taken art courses and workshops but I am mainly a self-taught experimental artist. My influences range from the chiaroscuro techniques of Rembrandt and the late work of J.M.W. Turner to the American Abstract Expressionists. My goal has always been to create works that are original and true to my inner vision and my body of work shows a world of my own making. Although my paintings of seas and cities have representational aspects, they are created in the moment with my feelings and memories as the touchstones.
What inspires you?
I am enthralled by the natural beauty of this world. The magnificent colours in nature, the power of the seas and the magic of sunrise and sunsets inspire feelings in me to honour the act of creation by creating something totally new. I am also fascinated by cities, modern and ancient, that have life pulsing in static structures that are layered in time and space.
The method behind the madness
I paint with fluid acrylics on canvas. I start by choosing my colours and placing them directly and freely on the canvas. Using a plastic card (in place of a palette knife) I then begin to create the painting, responding in the moment to what is happening. When the painting is dry, I use brushes to complete the work.
We'd love to get to know a bit more about you
My love of creating beautiful things and working with my hands is in evidence in my hand-painted glass ornaments, my garden and my experimental cooking (no dish is ever the same). I also enjoy swimming, golfing and traveling.
Tell us a story
The most rewarding part of being an artist, after the joy of creating a painting, is to hear from a client how one of my paintings has affected them. One man recently told me that a painting he purchased from me would always be very special to him because it emotionally related to exactly what he was going through at that time in his life. When I told him what feelings I had when painting it, it seemed like I was painting it for him although we had never met at the time. A woman whose husband had commissioned a painting for her as a surprise birthday gift later told me that when she enters the room where it is hanging it makes her happy every day.