"Crimson Sunset" Oil on Canvas
"Crimson Sunset" Oil on Canvas

"Crimson Sunset" Oil on Canvas

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"Crimson Sunset"

22" x 8"

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Artist: Dan

Tell us a bit about yourself
I have been painting for over 25 years, at first just for myself and friends. When I retired from business two years ago I decided to be a full time professional artist. Since then I have done more than a dozen shows and have had my work displayed in exhibitions. I have also sold over 35 of my works during that period and I have collectors throughout Canada and the US.
What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from reaching back to prehistoric times to try to understand how our early ancestors saw their world. For them, the horizon was their television and movie screen. The images changed constantly and with infinite variance. They did not know why. They did not know how far away the horizon was. They did not know what they would find if they reached there. Over the millennia, this focus on the horizon has become an iconic image that has become part of our collective unconscious today. This is why my images resonate with art lovers.
The method behind the madness
Picasso said that to be an artist is to see the world through the eyes of a child. Our ancestors had no scientific knowledge so they saw horizons as through the eyes of children. My work uses a minimalistic, impressionistic and surrealistic approach to create atmospheric and dreamlike images that depict what horizons might have looked look like through their child-like eyes. I work in both oil and acrylic. My finishes range from traditional varnishes, cold wax and resin depending on the look that is desired. I like to work on large canvases and wood panels (up to 48" x 72" or even larger, if desired) but can and do work smaller, depending on what the client prefers.
We'd love to get to know a bit more about you
I was formerly a partner in a large New York City law firm with a specialty in entertainment law. I came to Toronto in 1992 to work as a theatrical producer with one of my clients. Later I was CEO of Canada's largest theatre for 12 years. I enjoy cycling and reading about the physics of the universe which is the modern new horizon.
Tell us a story
I was in Toronto Outdoor in 2017. There was a young 12 year old who feel in love with one of my more surrealistic paintings. He was there with his parents and stared at it for 10 minutes. He left and returned later only to stare at it again. I thought they would buy it but they didn't. Five months later his father contacted me to buy the painting because his son was haunted by it! And one more that just happened at OOAK. A high school girl studying art look at my work, gasped and said "OMG your paintings are like walking into a dream". I love that.