"Effulgent" Acrylic on Canvas

"Effulgent" Acrylic on Canvas

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36" x 36"

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Artist: Emilie Darlington

Tell us a bit about yourself
Although I was practically born with a paintbrush in hand, my professional art career truly began at the University of Ottawa. In Spring 2016 I completed my undergraduate degree in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, my chosen disciplines being drawing and painting. I now have a home studio, happily dedicating part of each day to my art practice.
What inspires you?
In my abstract works I aim to create an overall sensation for the viewer, whether it be by scale, distortion, or immersion. I combine organic, free-flowing paint with the interference of detailed pattern added by hand. These approaches create various senses of movement and time, resulting in weaving confusion between foreground and background. The organic quality of paint is connected to the biological source imagery of my work, each flowing in and around details added throughout my process. These qualities of my work are intended to evoke a shared experience and show the importance of visual aspects on mental states. My illustrations have central themes of animals, pattern, and bright colours. I add a second layer of patterning to my illustrations by colouring with dots. These three components are things that make both myself and most other people feel happy.
The method behind the madness
In my illustrations I primarily use ink, specifically fine liner for the outline and alcohol based markers to colour. In my colourful abstracts my chosen material is acrylic paint, mounted on either canvas or panel. In my abstract ink works, fine liner is used to create definitive lines and watercolour paint to highlight small areas of the composition.
We'd love to get to know a bit more about you
My career in Event Management compliments my artistic one, working primarily remotely to allow studio time flexibility. As Production Manager of A Social Affair, I get to use my creativity producing weddings, galas, festivals, and corporate events. Its so fun! I am also a member of a professional dance company, rehearsing twice a week with the goal of perfecting routines for a yearly performance. Beginning with ballet in senior kindergarten, I have steadily practiced a wide variety of styles. I have been dancing for 18 years now, and never want to stop!
Tell us a story
My professor Carla will always stand out in my memory as one of the toughest, most knowledgeable mentor I've ever had. She pushed each of her students to work harder than they thought possible, taking personal time with each to learn about their vision and recommend secondary materials to stimulate their learning. At the time I had been working on a mandala series, studying the meditative aspects of both creating and viewing the roundabout movement. Carla brought me books, took meeting with me outside of class hours, and fostered connections I have with other professional artists based on my passions.