"Family Story 1" Oil on Canvas
"Family Story 1" Oil on Canvas

"Family Story 1" Oil on Canvas

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"Family Story 1"

30" x 22"

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Artist: Peter Chung

Tell us a bit about yourself
When my Grade 4 art teacher offered me free drawing lessons after school with another schoolmate, plus all my art works were being kept by the school, I knew may be I am talented, that was how my paths to art began.
What inspires you?
Being able to play God on a white canvas, covering it up with forms, textures and colors, telling stories, this beautiful magic inspires me
The method behind the madness
I use acrylic for foundation layers, oil and cold wax for finishing layers. I like working with palette knives to build up textures
We'd love to get to know a bit more about you
Before coming over to Canada, my day job was a Creative Art Director for International 4A Advertising agencies in Hongkong. I started the HK Institute of Art and teaching classes in the evenings. Now I am a full time artist working in my home studio. I am also an audiophile, music listening is my hobby
Tell us a story
I visited the 1996 Toronto Outdoor Art Show at Nathan Phillips Square ( this is the first Art Show I visit in Canada ) and was thrilled seeing all the good works, then I talked to myself; well, I can do the same quality of works if not better, I want to do this show too! What happended was all 34 pieces of my paintings sold out at the first show. Wonderful!