"Stony Brook" Photo on Canvas

"Stony Brook" Photo on Canvas

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"Stony Brook"

24" x 24"

Medium: Photo on Canvas

Artist: Lori Ryerson

Tell us a bit about yourself
On a solo trip to explore Egypt in 2010, I camped out (with a guide!) for a night in the White Desert. I have no images from that night, because I didn’t know how to work a camera properly. That was the impetus to return to school, after 33 gap years. In 2013, I graduated from Humber College with an honours certificate in photography. Now I specialize in travel and landscape/nature photography. I’ve had the great good fortune to travel to some inspiring locations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
What inspires you?
I travel to places that fill me with awe and wonder at our universe, reminding me that while it took eons for Mother Nature to create these vast landscapes, our human time here is relatively insignificant. I try to capture what silence looks like. Water and trees are recurring themes in my works.
The method behind the madness
I'm a photographer. I photograph everything from realism to impressionist, from landscapes to abstracts. The way I present my photographs in printed form is just as much part of my artistic consideration as the composition. I may print on canvas, or on metal, or go more formal with paper and frame. The decision is entirely dictated by the mood of the piece. I want to make sure that the final result that ends up on someone’s wall enhances the story.
We'd love to get to know a bit more about you
I love to travel, which has now become the background to my photography. An early interest in Japanese culture led to an appreciation of spare lines. Sixteen years of studying flying trapeze changed my perspective of the world. My 30-ish years in the corporate world were divided between the communciations industry and association management.
Tell us a story
In 2014, I entered a competition in a US magazine, my first ever competition. The judge was a well-known author and photographer from the Coloradeau plateau. I had read his work for years, and been heavily influenced by his compositional skills. I got an honourable mention out of hundreds of entries. Knowing that within that sea of applications, my work had been good enough to get HIS attention...that gave me the confidence to push forward into doing more of that kind of work, and start selling it.